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Yacht lineup from Popilov Yachts
Shipyard Popilov Yachts
Popilov Yachts is a Russian shipyard serially producing prestigious steel motor yachts in the range of 15-24 meters and fiber-glass boats 9.6 meters. The company was founded in 2013 with the mission of building trawler boats that would allow their owners to carry out the most daring voyages, and be a reliable companion in any adventure. Steel was purposefully chosen as a hull material - the reliability and the durability of this material were put to test within decades in the harsh conditions of the northern seas. Steel is associated with stability, steadfastness and inviolability - all of this is fully applicable to the Popilov yachts - unhurriedly but inevitably conquering all waves. The main value ​ Popilov Yachts embodies in their crafts are the comfort and serenity of home... even in a voyage... even at sea.