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About us

Russian POPILOV YACHTS shipyard was founded in 2013. Company occupies a worthy place in the market of inexpensive steel trawler yachts. It builds yachts for those who want to buy a houseboat with the possibility to dwell on board all year round.

Popilov yachts have an attractive price. The ships are highly reliable and easy to operate. Today the shipyard produces 3 models of steel displacement yachts 15 and 20 meters long. These are expeditionary-class vessels with increased seaworthiness and autonomy. Fully-custom yachts production is also possible.

The shipyard works in a full-cycle mode, which has a positive effect on production time and quality control. It’s own furniture manufacturing is a great opportunity to offer the interior customization. Yacht hulls are made of reliable and durable materials that can withstand the harsh conditions of the northern seas and the equatorial climate.

Yacht lineup from Popilov Yachts