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Shipbuilding Company POPILOV YACHTS

The Russian shipyard POPILOV YACHTS was founded in 2013. The inspirer and founder of the shipyard is its permanent leader, a man who is endlessly in love with the endless expanses of the sea – Andrey Nikolaevich Popilov.

Today, the company occupies a worthy place in the market of low-cost steel trawler yachts. The company builds yachts for those who want to buy a house on the water with the possibility of year-round living on board. At sea, at home – a philosophy that the entire team of Popilov Yachts strictly follows.

Popilov yachts are attractively priced. The vessels are quite reliable and easy to operate, they are equipped with various systems of well-known ship equipment manufacturers. To date, the shipyard produces 3 models of steel displacement yachts 15 and 20 meters long. These are ships of the expeditionary class with increased seaworthiness and autonomy. It is also possible to manufacture yachts to order.

Works at the shipyard are in full cycle mode – concept development, project documentation creation, project implementation.

Reliable and durable marine steel is used as a material for yacht hulls – a material that with dignity withstands the harsh conditions of the northern seas and the equatorial climate. And the company’s own furniture production is a reason to offer the customer the individualization of the interior decoration of the yacht. The shipyard clearly controls the timing of the manufacture of yachts. At each stage, from welding work in the manufacture of the hull, painting, installation of ship systems and equipment, and ending with the installation of furniture, we provide quality control of the work performed.

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